Dog System Frequently Asked Questions and Reviews
Dog System Frequently Asked Questions and Reviews
The Pet Stop® Electronic Pet Fencing Customer Reviews
Our satisfied clients include veterinarians, behavior experts and other dog lovers like YOU! All of them agree on one thing. Their dogs get more freedom and are able to enjoy their yard safely after their installation of our Pet Stop® underground pet containment system.
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Tamara & David Gregory
Legend – Golden Retriever
We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of our fencing. Everything was done on schedule, and the dog was fully trained in the 3 days that were estimated. He is now able to run, run, run and get plenty of exercise without us worrying about his safety. Thank You! We are extremely satisfied!
Marvin and Susan Fowler
Mr. Bigglesworth – Jack Russell Terrier
We highly recommend Pet Stop! We met you all at the Home Show. We followed up and you came out to give us an estimate. Your wonderful product was explained in detail and all of our questions were answered. The entire process could not have been better. The installation was top notch and as promised. Alan followed up with several visits for training our dog. Whenever we called with a question or needed assistance it was always taken care of right away. Thanks for everything! Wonderful company and great people!
Tyler Richmond
Quincy – Curly Coated Retriever
You guys have been great about trouble shooting any/all problems for us. I have confidence in our fence because I have confidence in your customer care allowing “satisfaction guaranteed.”
Jeff and Julia Carter
Stone – Labrador RetrieverMaggie – Golden Retriever
We expected the process to be more painful for our dogs, as they were very stubborn and ran away frequently. However, with training and installation of the fence, we have not had any issues. We could not be happier. It is such a relief to not have to worry about our dogs’ safety anymore and to know their quality of life has improved so dramatically.
Susan Fleming
Laynie – Beagle
It is wonderful – the man putting in the fence was very polite and cleaned up after himself. The training was very good and complete. We have not had a problem. I have told quite a few people about you and the great service.
Beth France
Millwood’s Sir Deke – Labrador Retriever
I am confident that the fence will contain Deke. The trainer did a good job working with our dog. We have had no problems and are very satisfied with the product and quality of service you provided. I would (and have already) recommend other dog owners to use this containment system.
Tom and Bonnie Curtis
Pepper – Cockapoo
This system has been great! Its wonderful to be able to let Pepper outside with peace of mind. The inside system is great too. Worked good at Christmas keeping him away from the tree – and is now used to keep him from going upstairs.
James Woods
Molly – Labrador Retriever, Missy – Border Collie, Nikki – Lab Mix
My family and I are very pleased with the system. We were somewhat skeptical at first but now we are believers. This system is much more effective than a conventional fencing for our pets and circumstance (10 acre lot). Also your quick response to calls and customer service has been great. Good Luck in the future!
Joan Woody
Raljon – Lab Mix, Cassie – Labrador Retriever, Bailey – Jack Russell Terrier
It is the best money I have ever spent. My lab mix was given a life of his own. He now can run and play. Wish we had done it years ago. Customer satisfaction as far as maintenance is exceptional.
Ruth Wiese and LaShon Skuta
Dakota – Standard Poodle
The fence has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made – when I have had problems you have always responded very quickly and are always very professional.
Gail Landry
Toby – Shetland Sheepdog
The service is excellent. I have had other electronic pet fences prior to this, but have found the service with this system to be superior. Due to new construction in my neighborhood, the fence line has been cut several times. Responded quickly to repair our fence each time and has done repairs even when I had to work. Thank you very much!
Lisa and Ricky Gravitte
Lucky – Hound Mix
Our neighbor Kenny Schnell used you first then you came to our place, we couldn’t be happier with the product or the service. The couple of times we have had questions or wanted additional items Tim and Christy have been quick to respond. I would happily recommend them to anyone!
Jerry and Donna Procise
Molly – Beagle
Tim, I am very impressed with your quick professional response and would gladly recommend you and your company to everyone. Please give them my name for any references. Thanks again!
Deborah McPhee
Orso – Rottweiler
We have appreciated your prompt service! The underground fence we purchased from you has been very effective and given our big dog the option of a huge area in which to roam! He no longer is able to chase joggers, horses, or cars – and we are worry-free! We should have done this years ago! Thank you for your continued good service!
Kim and David Penberthy
Lucky- Australian Cattle Dog
We are very satisfied with the Pet Stop underground fencing, and your company was wonderful helping us set it up with short notice. Thank you for your help again!
Sam Fisch
Rock – Labrador Retriever
I am very satisfied with the underground fence. Tim was very nice and knowledgeable when he came out and gave me the estimate. The man who did the installation was very nice and eager to install it the way I wanted and offered advice.
Grayson Johnson
Mack – Labrador Retriever, Jennie – Mixed breed
We are very satisfied. We received very professional attention from beginning to end when we had a problem with a loss of power one time, we made one call and our problem was fixed. We highly recommend.
Dale and Marie Norris
Chance – Lab Mix, ‘Te’ Boone – Sheltie
Excellent Service – More than excellent – follow-up – extremely professional and helpful in all aspects of the transaction. A company that does what it says, when it says it will do it! Very rare in this day and time!
Cathy and Gary Griffiths
Molly – Dachsund, Penny – Sheltie Mix
We were completely satisfied with the whole process and have had no problem with the product. We were very impressed with the effectiveness of the training outlined in your instructions – even for a lovable but very stubborn to train “dachshund!”
Brian Sullivan
Henry- Beagle Mix
Tim and Alan have been great to work with and have been very helpful as we learn to use the fence and the remote trainer. Quick answers to phone-in questions and face-to-face help when needed! I thought the technology and installation was superior to Invisible Fence and your flexibility on pricing helped make it happen.
Tim and Diana Driver
Ben – Labrador Retriever, Bailey – Labrador Retriever
I met with several companies. You gave me the best estimate and did a great job of installation. When lightening struck our system, Tim was there right away to fix the problem and get the system back up and running. Whenever, I have called I have received a call back within 24 hrs. I have a great experience with your company and piece of mind knowing my labs are safe.
Patty Martin
Libby – Mixed breed, Panda – Mixed Breed
Tim was very informative and worked to get Panda acclimated. We needed to move some wiring and he came right out and did it. I love that my dogs have the freedom to run. Panda was a terrible digger and with the energy she now uses that has stopped.
Susan Williams
Emmy – Pit Bull Mix
I have been very satisfied with your responsiveness and with your willingness to work with Emmy, who was a very stubborn young lady. She now seems completely adjusted to her boundaries and has been much easier to take care of everything from exercise to housebreaking. She’s now a welcome guest instead of a constant worry. Thanks!
Laura & Jeff Holman
Teddy – Hound Mix, Chewy – Hound/German Shepherd Mix
Estimate was concise; it was very helpful to meet with the trainer. As you can recall; you were a tremendous help with these dogs as they had been abandoned; abused and needed lots of one on one training. They are happy; playful and very loving in their new boundaries.
Sheila Ford
Chase – Swedish Spitz, Maggie – Mixed breed, Laurah – Dachshund
The sales information was clear and professional. They did anything I asked and called me right away when I had a problem. The dogs are doing well. We live on a golf course and the underground fence system has made our life enjoyable.
Rob & Stacy Loscalzo
Jenny – Boxer
We had considered the benefits of keeping Jenny in certain areas of the yard but had not known the wonderful impact of fencing and remote would have on her behavior. She is no longer the jumper, scratcher and barker that she used to be and all this was accomplished within only a few beeps. Thanks for all!
Paulette Wright
Buddy – Border Collie
The entire transaction, from the first phone call through the installation, was enjoyable. Low key, no pressure, very helpful. Training was scheduled so that we did not have to miss any work, and subsequent calls were observed promptly!
Pam & Gary Bradley
Angie – Labrador Retriever
We have been very satisfied with our underground fence system. Your company installed it and came back to “bury” the wire in our lake when we requested. You acted promptly when we had difficulty with Angie’s collar. We appreciated your quick response and resolution. We have total peace of mind knowing Angie is safe in our yard. -Thanks!
Tiffany Ray
Casey – Lab Mix, Maggie – Beagle Mix
I have been very pleased with how quickly you respond to my calls! I worry about my dogs getting out, I don’t need to worry. The dogs have the freedom they deserve and I have peace of mind about their safety!
Randy and Brenda Brown
Daisey – Pomeranian and Lhasa Apso
Your service was very prompt and explained how the operation was done very well. People are very polite.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How old or big must my pet be to be trained on the fence?

A: First, it's important that your pet already be well adjusted to the home environment before training starts. There are no size limitations, but we do recommend your pet be at least 12 weeks of age.
Q: How Long is it going to take to train my dog to the fence?

A: It usually takes about four days to train your dog. This is when you get the training package that offers complete training. We come out 3 - 4 days in a row and train your dog. You follow a few rules and most dogs are running free in 4 days. Our gentle, humane method of training drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to train. If you decide to complete the training yourself, it will take up to 2 weeks.
Q: Are you associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, PetSafe® Pro, Radio Fence®, Dogwatch®, DogGuard® or ANY other pet fence brand other than Pet Stop®?

A: No, we are not. However, as independent contractors we can provide service and products for other pet containment brands, including product upgrades, replacements, exchanges, and trade-ins.
Q: Will my pet be hurt by the correction?

A: The correction used is harmless and humane, just enough to startle your pet, nothing more. The amount of energy used in a correction is no more than that produced by a carpet's static shock.
Q: Can I use an underground dog fence for my aggressive dog?

A: No. If you have an aggressive dog, we will not sell or install an electric dog fence unless it is to be used in conjunction with a preexisting wooden or chain-link fence. We do not recommend the use of corrections with aggressive dogs and instead suggest you seek your veterinarian's advice for alternative methods.
Q: When do the batteries need to be replaced in the receiver?

A: Usually the battery will last from 6 to 9 months, but this will vary depending on how often your dog tests the boundaries. When the batteries are low, an indicator light will flash so you'll be able to change the batteries before they expire.
The Pet Stop® Quality Guarantee