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Pet Stop of Virginia, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic pet containment systems serving the Richmond, Virginia area.




We chose the Pet Stop® brand of underground/electronic/hidden dog fences because Pet Stop® is committed to continuous research and development of electronic pet fencing products. Pet Stop® applies cutting-edge technology to create the most advanced, highly-effective and safe pet containment system available. Pet Stop® is also made in the USA! 


Richmond, Virginia Dog Fencing - Invisible Fence® Alternative

Professional, Local Dog Fencing that you can Trust


As a Pet Stop® Professional Dealer, we offer 18 years of experience providing the latest dog fencing technologies combined with expert installation and unmatched customer service. We are life-long pet lovers too, so we understand the deep emotional attachment you have for your pet, which drives us to put your pet’s safety and happiness first.  


We have created installation packages that offer training options suited to give you the best experience possible with your new Pet Stop® fence. Our most popular package includes Complete Professional Training at your home by one of our certified containment trainers. Most dogs are running free in just 1 week when one of our trainers completes the Gentle Steps Training Program at your home. 


We have compiled a list of comparisons to other brands to help you better understand the differences of the fencing systems.

low-stress hidden dog fence training method

Pet-Friendly, Low-Stress Dog Fence Training

pets are happier with GentleSteps™ low-stress dog fence training

Only Pet Stop® Pet Fence Systems have GentleSteps™ — the perfect marriage of product technology and the latest light-touch training

methods to quickly and easily familiarize your dog with his/her new fencing system.

GentleSteps utilizes ultra-low levels of training collar stimulation during the critical initial training phase that leaves your dog happy and secure in the safety of your yard. A solution born from experience members of our very own Pet Stop® network of pet fencing professionals theorized that using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the training phase would speed the training process by reducing stress levels commonly associated with traditional containment training. This unique soft-touch training method allows Pet Stop clients to focus on more positive experiences such as freedom in the yard to run and play.

Avoiding negative association is far easier with the low fence levels introduced with GentleSteps. GentleSteps™ for a lighter touch. Now the gentler training method needed an equally unique training tool, and the Pet Stop® design team was ready for the challenge. By utilizing the most advanced pet fencing system available, you and your Pet Stop Professional will determine the right amount of soft touch required to have your dog learning her new boundaries quickly, and most important, happily.

After your dog is comfortable with her new fence, you can choose from higher levels to help your dog resist the many natural distractions that might tempt her to leave the safety of the yard, such as squirrels, bikes and running children.

Electronic Pet Fencing made by Industry Experts

Invisible Fence® Founder John Purtell
Invisible Fence® Founder John Purtell

Though we are not associated with Invisible Fence® brand, we share a common origin - Pet Stop® President John Purtell is none other than the original founder and president of Invisible Fence Company®! 

Together with former Invisible Fence® Chief Engineer Scott Touchton, and former Invisible Fence® Manufacturing Engineer Richard Kapolka, Pet Stop® brand is the most dependable, most experienced professional pet containment company in the industry.

We provide services for all electronic pet containment systems:

We provide expert service on any brand pet containment system including Invisible Fence®, Pet Safe®, Radio Systems®, Dog Guard®, Dog Watch®, and Contain-A-Pet®  brand installed systems as an independent contractor. We are only associated with Pet Stop® but are able to service all major or retail brands.  

We also provide upgrade specials on any and all professional or retail equipment you may have.

Our training options are also available for other systems as well. 

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