About Pet Stop® Dog Fencing
Systems & Products

Dog Fencing
Systems & Products

Quality Pet Fencing Products
Made in the USA

Pet Stop® underground dog fence systems are American-made with the safety and comfort of man’s best friend in mind! “American-made” means quality, performance, and unmatched reliability for you and your dog.

Technologically Advanced
Customizable Pet Containment Products

Your Pet Stop® Professional system has literally thousands of personalized adjustments to fully customize the Pet Stop® system to your property and pet, making it the most advanced pet fencing system around. Whether it’s interference problems, small lots or other tricky installations, we aren’t limited by our equipment’s flexibility. And, we don’t think you should settle for anything less either.
We can provide both indoor and outdoor solutions – if there are areas inside your home that are off-limits to your pet, our systems will help you protect them.

Low-Stress Dog Fence Training Method

You can feel the difference in Pet Stop’s GentleSteps™, however our latest technology is much more than that. All pet fencing systems promise to keep your pet in your yard. It’s Pet Stop’s unique programming flexibility that provides the ultimate safety for your pet and you with the greatest peace of mind.

The Pet Stop®Quality Guarantee

Our guarantee cannot be matched by Invisible Fence® or any electronic dog fence company out there. What you can expect from us is a great experience. Our products are designed by the most experienced engineers in the industry–our leadership’s pedigree is second to none!

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